Our Story

Angeli is Latin name for angels.

All Angeli’s products are oudh-inspired.

Oudh essential oils are derived from agarwood trees and is reputed to be one of the most expensive oils in the world. Coveted for its therapeutic and beauty-enhancing properties by royalties, genuine, 100% pure oudh oil possesses a very powerful and subtle and divine aroma.

Like its namesake, Angeli’s products are made to care for the beauty and well-being of our bodies. Angeli only uses pure and natural essential oils of the finest grades (Super, AA, and A) making Angeli’s collections safe for everyone. This also means that each Angeli product retains the healing powers of the oudh oil including its anti-rheumatic, anti-stress, antimicrobial, carminative, anti-asthmathic, antioxidant, analgecis, diaphorectic, digestive, anti-convulsant, psychoactive, aphrodisiac properties.

Angeli’s collections are handcrafted by a specialised oudh perfurmer to deliver the finest quality products. As not everyone is an oudh expert, a trained nose or perfumer would know the distinction between an authentic oudh and a synthetically-manufactured one on contact. Synthetic or diluted oudh possesses a blunt, dull, uncomplicated, and leathery aroma.

Each Angeli collection is a limited edition because in each collection, we only use the same oudh essential oil that came from the same harvest and distillation process. Every harvest and distillation process produce different fragrance.